Monday, March 31, 2008

The End Of March...

Having the poll up saw 45 different votes. I have to say, to have 45 people vote means at least 45 people have seen my site. That's fairly encouraging.

Here's the final tally, with each response annotated by me:

Album Reviews

5 (11%)
I really miss doing album reviews. They are a little time-consuming, but worth it. Though I did do a review of each Beatles album in the late summer of 2005, I might have to revisit those albums. There's lots of reasons: the most obvious is that I'm far from the same person I was in August 2005. Also, having taken The Beatles class, as well as more independent reading on them, my views on a lot of the songs and albums have changed. Lastly, who here reading the site now read my Xanga besides Forrest and m@? Exactly. Expect album reviews in the future.

Be Less Personal

0 (0%)
I don't even know why I made this an option. Glad no one voted on it!

Be More Personal

41 (91%)
I could benefit from some feedback on this. How can I be more personal? Still, good to see you all want to know me better.

Be Less Political

5 (11%)
Ha, ha.

Be More Political

6 (13%)
The votes have been cast, and by a narrow margin, "Be More Political" was the winner!

Film Reviews

5 (11%)
I certainly would be inclined to write up a favorite movie (or a series of something) if I find myself sleepless and bored. You all could definitely expect movie reviews on the rare occasion I discover a great new (or old) movie. Movie reviews will come around sparingly.

Switch Around The Format More Often (Interview, etc.)

8 (17%)
I generally have the interview when a lot has gone on in my career as a musician, if I'm working behind the camera on something, or if a lot of time has gone by and I need to update fast. Expect at least one interview in the next month. Whenever I get back to writing lyrics or an occasional short story, those will definitely be posted here. Also, expect entries centered around random observations I've made.

Post Your Essays From Class

8 (17%)
Definitely need to do more of these. They're really easy for me to post, though my only concern with this is the fairly esoteric nature of my essay topics. Then again, at least m@ and Shelley have told me they enjoy learning new things from this blog. And what better way to raise awareness on a given topic than to read an academic paper on it?

Start Working On Your Music Project

5 (11%)
I have. Details to follow soon.

Tell Us Who Your Valentine Was

34 (75%)

My interview with the IMP committee is April 7th. That's the next big thing going on in my life, and I am nervous about it. I know exactly why I am, too: post-grad-school-rejection-jitters. Nothing else seems all that important besides the interview.

One last thing: today is March 31st. That means tomorrow is April 1st. This also means tomorrow is April Fool's Day. Since I've got the real-life embodiment of Dwight Schrute as a roommate, I'm sure you can put two and two together.

Special thanks to m@ for all the great prank suggestions! I hope to post pictures, pending my not getting arrested.


1 comment:

m@ said...

Great. Thanked for giving "sage" advice as to how to annoy someone. Well, in the spirit with which the words were given, let me say a sincere you're welcome.
As for the poll, I would agree with the personal stuff. Logs are all well and good when kept with the impersonal hoo ha (yes that is the technical word), but real personal growth happens when you expose yourself as a vulnerable human.
Enjoy yourself and God's peace.