Saturday, March 15, 2008

Shift In Plans

At the end of my last entry I promised a discourse on the Ferraro business with the Clinton campaign. However, more stuff happened today (this time relating to the Obama camp) that I feel needs to be factored in.

It will be a big deal when I get all my quotes and stuff together. Think multimedia (and by that, of course, I mean embedded YouTube clips.)

While all that's on the back-burner:

With this Squalus Maximus person (is that something like "Big Foulness"?) assuring me who they're NOT, I can rest a little more at ease. Granted, I know it's nobody from my parents' household. Moreover, none of them know Latin. Going on their own word, I believe him/her. For one, Maddie's name was misspelled. That also rules out Maddie's sister.

My concerns, I feel, are well-founded. I've had anonymous comments that were death threats on Xanga, but then pseudo-anonymous comments from another poster lead to my relationship with the one known as m@.

The worst anonymous comment I got was around this time last year - it was my dad, which confirmed my suspicions and placed me right in the middle of any 20 year old blogger's nightmare. The feeling I had in my gut on that day is something I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy.

Another concern I had was that with your comment, Mr(s). Maximus. Because you were right with what you said. However, I've been writing this blog so as not to have anything my parents would see as indicting made known. So if they were to ever rediscover this, it wouldn't be such a gut-wrenching affair. Because they also read comments people left...meaning when I wrote something in the heat of the moment and Shelley (whom I was dating at the time) would leave me a comment saying "They're being ridiculous," etc., they saw it. It also became the grounds for the case they made against her to me, saying that from what she said they "saw a new side of her."

Now, look, you clearly know who I am. I would like to know who you are - and you are free to disclose that to me privately if you wish, and you'll have my word that I'll stay quiet about who you are. What you need to understand is my curiosity as to who you are will be a significant cause of worry and stress.

I have my guesses, but I'll keep those to myself.

Anyway, thanks to everyone (even the pseudonymous ones) for leaving comments.



Squalus Maximus said...


Forgot your parents read this too...if you can erase my previous comment, maybe you should.

Don't let my anonymity drive you crazy, it is necessary. Just think of me as an embedded benefactor.

Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

What makes your anonymity necessary? Would I be shocked? (Are you a former teacher, someone from my parents' church, past/present college professor?)

And what leads you to consider yourself a benefactor? You aren't giving me anything - though you are polite. I appreciate that.

Let's face it: I need to know who you are. I don't play guessing games and I don't relish in intrigue and suspense.

Squalus Maximus said...

My anonymity is necessary because of my own choosing and will have to remain intact.

My politeness will also remain intact.

My benefit to you is that I have your best interests in mind. We share the same political leanings, the same "questioning of society" and I'm sure other things as well. Only difference I know of is musically - personally I can't stand early British rock (smile).

In closing I wish to emphasis that I do not wish to initiate intrique and suspense. Only discourse from time to time.

If you wish, I will go away and you'll not here from me again. But regardless, I will still be around on the periphery of your life.

Anonymous said...

Your anonymity is neither harming nor protecting a soul.

You have my "best interests" in mind - good, great, grand.

Age, gender, and profession would be ideal. At least give me that - and an assurance that somewhere down the line, we can agree to meet face to face.

Squalus Maximus said...


My anonymity will have to remain secure. To divulge age, sex, etc would compromise same - sorry.

Also, we have met face to face before and likely will again. It's a small world.

Anyway, take care and I'll drop by your site from time to time.

The Squalus