Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This is turning out to be a very educational week for me...

Having all this extra time to just read and relax means I'm going a lot of learning.

Among my findings:

+ Apparently Hillary Clinton may have killed a guy.

+ My brother Eric is so moody towards everyone that I'm reconsidering being his best man.

+ Jeff Beck's cover of "A Day In The Life" is bitchin':

If you look, he's adjusting the volume knob while playing during the bridge.

+ That guitar solo from the song "Fixing A Hole" is proof Paul McCartney is an excellent guitarist - and what a great tone!

+ Captain Beefheart claims he remembers being born. Must've been the LSD.

+ Turns out placebos are just as effective as antidepressants. But don't tell the drug companies that! They need people on the real thing - you know, the stuff that can cause suicidal thoughts?

+ My future housemate for the summer, Daniel, is getting a cat.

+ I'm 95% sure that my cell phone is tapped. Don't blow this off as paranoia, either.

Aside from the weather, this Spring Break is at least bereft of controversy...not to say it's an exciting week. Trust me, it isn't. But it is a nice break from what might be my dullest semester since middle school. (Czech Literature notwithstanding.)



m@ said...

First, please don't reconsider the best man thing. People get moody. And it's those "best men" and women who stick by during those moody times.

Second, I'm due for some intelligent discourse. Hit me up if you want to get coffee or food or something.

Third, I don't really have a third point. I just enjoy the structure of a three point comment/essay/speech.

Shelley said...

I tried to comment three times and all three times it said your blog was unavailable. I forgot what was going to say. Except that:

I totally agree with m@

And at least your break didn't consist of a tube jammed down your throat. It wasn't all that bad.