Friday, August 31, 2007

Front-Page News

In case you didn't know this, both Princess Diana and Elvis Presley are still dead. All the networks are making this certain for the American public, and you know something? I'm glad. Because if there's something that we the people need to be reminded of, it's none of these things:
+ Extraordinary rendition
+ Rep. Kucinich and his movement to impeach the Vice President
+ Sen. Clinton admitting to kissing lobbyist's asses
+ Scooter Libby's commuted sentence - tantamount to a pardon

No, no, it's more important that we the people are told instead about Lindsay Lohan getting let off the hook for cocaine possession, and that a non-political figurehead whose charity work sadly died with her (Diana Spencer, former Princess of Wales) and a bloated, once-relevant crooner (who else?) are still dead. Instead of accepting their demises and moving on, it seems urgent that we discuss new evidence coming to light concerning their deaths.

It doesn't matter. Debunking a non-existent conspiracy theory won't bring them back. Besides, after ten years in the ground, Diana won't exactly look ripe anymore. It's been thirty with Elvis. He may very well just be bones by now.

Why are we so inclined to commemorate the anniversary of somebody's death? Is there more to it than the fact that the number of years that has passed ends with a zero? Rubbish.

We are a people obsessed with death.

You know who else died around the time of Elvis?

Nobody big...
His death is as unheralded right now as it was back in 1977.


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