Monday, August 27, 2007

First Day Of School

I have a class today, at 5:45. To make it better, it's the one class I'm taking because I need a specific credit (science.) It's a phonetics course. It shouldn't be too hard, but compare that to tomorrow's schedule:
The 1960's
Paris & Berlin In The 1920's
The Music Of Frank Zappa
History Of American Avant-Garde Film
The Music Of The Beatles

In other words, the one class I'm not crazy about is today. Oh, well.

Someone I had a crush on back in February apparently had a crush on me back then, too. Only problem was, I was taken and so was she. We're both single now, and I'm sure it doesn't take a rocket scientist to infer that we've been hanging out and talking a lot.

I don't know where it will go, but I don't care. I've got five years of school left (at least), and I'm in no rush to get married.

I do know that I'm having fun, and it's a surprising turn of events.

Yesterday I went to Eric's graduation party. It's weird not living with him anymore, let alone knowing it may be a while before I see him again. I don't know, it seems in my life that everyone goes through transitions at roughly the same time. My brother Eric is so close to an engagement that I can smell the wedding cake now; the other Eric is back home after completing college; I'm enjoying being single; my brother Nick is a senior in high school and considering IU for next year...

...All this excitement and class hasn't even started yet.

Beyond being in a new building, hanging out with new faces, I'm also quitting smoking. Finally. It only took me two years. Change is nice.



shelley said...

I have to say, your schedule kicks the ass. And phonetics is not nearly as bad as that other science class you took with that annoying muumuu dress wearing woman(that's how wikipedia spells it. I like the picture they use:

I'm happy that you are happy with your life now. I think with a good attitude this year will rock.

Quiting smoking is a good idea. But I won't probably until winter break. I mean, I haven't even been smoking a year. And since I won't have a smoking buddy, my smoking will definitely wind down.

shelley again said...

Sorry, it didn't show up on my comment.

Anonymous said...

you are very cute, not to mention funny as well.

M@ said...

OK, that is definitely a plus. I could write a sermon on the evils of smoking (but I won't), so let's just leave it at a big HUZZAH to you for quitting.