Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Midnight Snack Recipes

If you're ever feeling a bit hungry in the middle of the night and need a quick fix, try these on for size. In spite of the similarities of ingredients, the tastes were remarkably different.

Sweet And Spicy Garlic Toast
Spread sweet and spicy mustard over a slice of bread (rye, wheat, white, pumpernickel - your choice)
Sprinkle as much garlic powder as you like - I recommend the California blend
Cover the mustard/garlic with shredded cheese (I used cheddar, but again - your call. If you want to use Monterey Jack, go right ahead.)
Put in toaster over until cheese is melted, or the underside of the toast appears browned.

I made it on a complete whim. One food that has always eluded me - as much as I'd like to try it - has been Welsh Rarebit (or Rabbit - both spellings work), which is apparently a cheese/beer/mustard/paprika concoction drizzled over toast. It sounds really good. I can only envision what it tastes like. Another one I'm interested in is Scotch Woodcock (again with the deceptive name), which is lightly scrambled egg & cheese with anchovy (or anchovy paste) on toast.

My only issue with the first recipe here is that a little bit of sweet and spicy mustard goes a long way. Spread just enough that you can still see the bread's pores. Trust me.

This next one I made with a bit more of a purpose.

Brown Mustard Garlic Toast
Spread spicy brown mustard over a piece of bread.
Sprinkle garlic powder and black pepper to your desire.
Top with shredded cheese (in my case, cheddar) and a dash of Parmesan.
Put in toaster oven, melting cheese and making the toast golden brown.

Try it out. Let me know what you think. I'm sort of experimenting with maximizing flavor while minimizing costs. Bread is cheap. Mustard is cheap. Shredded cheese is cheap.

Other items I find myself buying due to their price:
+ Potatoes
+ Sweet potatoes
+ Baked beans
+ Low-end cereal, usually store brand
+ (Rarely) Hot dogs
+ Wheat bread
+ Soy milk
+ Granny Smith apples
+ Pickles
+ Ramen noodles (Beef, Chicken, and Oriental)

M@, Forrest, you've been to college. Any cheap-ass recipes you recommend? I've heard baked bean sandwiches are popular at colleges in the UK, much like Ramen noodles here.

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forrest said...

Beer Float- One bottle of beer, two scoops of vanilla icecream

Homemade Wine- 3 cans of grape juice concentrate (although I've also had luck with strawberry. Avoid apple), sugar, water, yeast, rubber band, and a balloon. Throw it in a jug for a month, then decant, stick in the fridge for two weeks, and drink what's left. You get about 1/2 gallon for $3.50- and it tastes better than Carlo Rossi

Red Chicken Breast All you need is a slingshot, a knife, and an oven. Use the slingshot to kill a pigeon. Then, clean the pigeon in front of all your neighbors so they, you know, can see that you're hardcore and don't come over and steal your shit. Finally, season the meat to taste and bake on 350 for about 5min. Yes, I've done this one.