Saturday, April 25, 2009


There will now be a short intermission, during which the following brief announcement is to be made:

"Dear Bloomington residents,
It's a bicycle race. Seriously, people. Bikes. We all had them when we were kids, except some of the more sheltered types and those with clumsy tendencies (Shelley). No need to get worked up about bicycles going around a massive circle. Now, if these bicycles were to be going up Mount Everest, or going through the irradiated wasteland surrounding Chernobyl (which surprisingly DID pass the spell check), then yes there would be cause for celebration.

Don't ruin such a beautiful day with your Woodstock '99-like tendencies to ruin everything for everyone else. First taste of summer we've had all year long. I for one shall be doing laundry and soaking in the sunshine before venturing out for the evening. Maybe take a ride in the old hot air balloon to survey the atmospheric conditions and drop pennies on cars.

Dictated, but not read,
The Management."

Eric and Maddie are supposed to come into town today. And I guess I need to be the one to call Gill when I want to hang out, even though I don't work and thus have a very open schedule? Oh, well. Once we all congregate it should be a fun evening.


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