Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Best News I've Heard In A While

Freddie Mac CFO commits suicide.
Well, I shouldn't be so damned cynical. The man had a family.

But at the same time I'm sure they're getting compensated well for their loss.

I'll be back at some point to expound on the conference, grad school, and other sundry topics. Some things have changed for the better, others...not so much.

And on top of all this, I'm sick with a chest cold. Damn weather - it's 75 this weekend, but drops down to the 40's and rains Monday and Tuesday? Go on, Indiana. Keep taking away any sense of nostalgia or loss I might have when I leave you in late August/early September.

Oh, yes, not just sick with a chest cold, but sick with a chest cold and a rough draft due in three hours, a rough cut of a video documentary due tomorrow, with the final versions of both due next week.

Didn't I just leave this party of projects and deadlines? Jesus.



Forrest said...

I was wondering if that would happen...

Also, I introduce to you my new website:

m@ said...

I can't help but feel compassion. I guess it comes with my nature.

Can't wait to hear the updates on your adventures.