Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Project For Z120

If the embedded video doesn't work, click HERE.


forrest said...

Nice! Is this you're work? If so, who are the voiceovers?

Alex said...

Aside from the footage, yes, this is all mine. I had a partner who provided the music. Nice guy.

The film is from two Greek commercials and an American one.

In Greek, what looks like "NOYNOY" is in fact "Nounou" - the upper case form of upsilon resembling a "Y". So it's pronounced -"noo-NOO", accenting the second syllable.

Nounou is not a cigarette brand, but rather a dairy manufacturer. The product advertised was in fact condensed milk. The American commercial was for Salem cigarettes, which indeed boasted a Fresh Air filter.

I voiced the bartender and the announcer. Shelley was the little boy. The audio was recorded on Garage Band, which I then ran through a megaphone filter, giving it an old-timey radio feel.

Perhaps this video can also be called, "Uh-Oh, Alex Learned How To Operate A Mac!"