Friday, July 18, 2008


Mitt Romney is a colossal dick. In spite of running a nasty campaign against Senator McCain earlier this year, every time I see him now on CNN he is bouncing McCain's bone and doing everything BUT say he is ready to be Vice President.

Why? Because John McCain is knocking on death's door. If McCain gets elected, he'll most likely die in office - by the way, did you hear he is just now getting up to speed on how to use the Internet? - and Mr. Romney as Vice President would succeed him. If McCain loses this fall, which I'm just going to go ahead and say this: he will, then Romney has a clear shot in 2012.

Another thing I just saw on the CNN news ticker online is that Jesse Jackson got in trouble when a microphone "accidentally" caught him whispering to a colleague on Fox News that Obama is talking down to black people. Fox has also added to this by saying Rev. Jackson used the n-word - that Obama was "telling n*****s how to behave."

He issued a sincere apology, saying "There is no justification for my comments, and I hope the Obama family and the American people can forgive me." I have yet to see a journalist, commentator, or politician on the other side openly admit guilt and say they are sorry for something. Like the white bitch on Fox who DELIBERATELY confused Obama with Osama - oopsie daisy! - and then said they should both be killed. Her apology was as insincere as something from the Clinton campaign, blowing off her racial hatred as "a poor attempt at humor."

My response to her? Fuck you, get out of the field of journalism, and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

CNN went on to have a man in the street interview, where one gel-headed Caucasian mused, "I find it funny that they can say it, but we're not supposed to."

Tell you what: once your subdivision of the white race gets abducted, taken across the world, forced to do hard labor for no pay for 150 years, and have your captors come up with a derogatory name for your people, then can use a slur against your own people.

Black scholars have again and again come to the defense of the usage of the word to describe not all African-Americans, but a particular subdivision:

Those who meet the description of this fictionalized representation of Dr. King from The Boondocks are the ones Rev. Jackson is speaking about, and the ones Senator Obama is speaking to. As a white man, I'm going to digress from this point and say it applies to my own color, too. One of my dearest friends told me he wasn't going to vote this fall, because (don't laugh) this election "isn't important."

I don't care if you're voting Obama, McCain, Barr, Nader, McKinney, WHOEVER - no election is unimportant. You should understand that even if there isn't anyone running for President, you have people representing you in the House who are up for election every two years, and people in the Senate who are up for election every six. Not to give you a civics lesson, but if you want your voice to be heard, you need to vote - even for your municipal or state legislators.

That's called democracy. And when applied properly, it works.

All you have to do is take at the most an hour of your time out of the day to go to the polls, press some buttons, and then go back to work or school. You can miss an hour of work. You can miss class. As an election day, your employers and/or teachers will understand. And if they don't, report them for unethical behavior.

If you don't vote, don't complain. If you start complaining, and then tell me you didn't vote (and weren't under the age of 18 on election day), I will tell you that I don't want to hear your opinion. Because those of you who don't vote are a bunch of trifling, shiftless, good-for-nothing honkies, to paraphrase the above video.



m@ said...

I'll take your plea to vote one step further.

It's NOT our right to vote. It's NOT our privilege to vote. It's not something that we GET to do. We are REQUIRED to vote.

The democracy that has been won for us through blood (be it justified or otherwise) demands that we vote. It doesn't say, "Well, here you go. Now, if it's convenient or cool, come on in and help select who will be governing your nation." That blood calls to you to make its sacrifice worthwhile.

And you said something that I've been saying for years, Alex. If you don't vote then shut the hell up.

Forrest said...