Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Some new things have gone on in the past week, and by "in the past week" I mean today.

+ Due to my successful interview and hiring at Spencer's, I came to work at Hot Topic only to be whisked into the back room, where I was told this created a "conflict of interest." I had two options: resign, or be terminated for violation of store policy. I opted to resign. Thankfully, I planned ahead and had an undated resignation letter in my car - I was going to resign at the end of this week. All of this came after my supervisor gave me two weeks with ZERO hours when I told her I had a pending job interview with the IU Telefund. Upon mentioning that I'd been given so little hours, my boss asked why I couldn't come in to tell her I was looking for other sources of employment. Maybe it was the fact that she was never there when I picked up my schedule. Maybe it was the fact that she was on vacation the week I had regular hours again. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't think there would be a problem...never mind that my termination came without a proper warning or reprimand.

But, in the words of a wise friend, "Watch me pretend to give a shit." I told her they were giving me more hours and more pay as it was.

+ Those of you who are my friends on Facebook already know this, but for Dan Crall (if he reads this regularly) and I'm sure a few others...and as Squalus Maximus confirmed so tactlessly back in February...I have gone public with my relationship with Shelley Leshin. She and I have been seeing each other for some time. And yes, it's serious. I will tell my parents within a week. Unless they already know.

+ By random chance, I bumped into a fellow tenant of Campus Walk who just so happens to be a guitarist who just so happens to need a drummer. His name? Eric. I know, weird.

+ Working at Spencer's seems like it will be a fun way to earn money. Their customer service policy is non-interventionist (unlike Hot Topic), where greeting guests as they enter the store is all that is expected aside from cash register small talk. I'm not expected to force a conversation about what music the kids are into, nor am I expected to slap as much money onto someone's purchase. Anyone want to know some hot sales techniques that are attempted to goad you into blowing your money? I'll gladly tell.

+ My Math midterm tomorrow...lame.

+ It is officially summertime in Bloomington, as it is hotter than Madonna's crotch right now.

Lastly, only 3 hours late, I would like to wish a very happy birthday to one Richard Starkey. He spent most of his childhood in and out of the hospital, suffering from pleurisy and appendicitis, eventually dropping out of school at age 15. The ill little boy grew up to become one of the most widely loved figures in the music world, especially upon his replacement of one Pete Best as the drummer in a band that had gotten its start in Hamburg, Germany.

The band was The Beatles, and the drummer was, and still is, Ringo Starr.



PS - One more thing. I began reading Cynthia Lennon's book on her famous husband, and I have to say I have rapidly lost respect for the man. This interview with his and Cynthia's son Julian (an unplanned pregnancy, prompting their marriage) shows his own perspective. I'll write more on him later. Till then, I need to rest up for my exam.


forrest said...

A famous Johnny Paycheck song comes to mind after reading this entry.

m@ said...

Spencer's? Well crap. Now I won't be able to buy cool belt buckles or novelty tees. But luckily, now I'll be able to score some neat-o dirty sex goodies and Godfather paraphernalia.

Kidding obviously. And congrats on your relationship.

Shelley said...

Heather is a bitch. Well, it sounds like it.

Math sucks, I know. But it'll be over soon.

That clip kind of depressed me a little. To think that any child received parenting like that is just sad.


I love you, Alex.