Friday, April 11, 2008

Little 500 Weekend? Gay.

I'm about 20 hours away from getting out of a swamp of paperwork and other various tasks, hence the lack of updates.

First up, there's this.

Campus rent-a-cop brutality exacted upon privileged white brats? For the first time in a long time, possibly ever, I really don't know what side to be on with this one. I heard the dispensing of mace was initiated upon someone exclaiming "Fuck the police!", no doubt some stupid white frat boy quoting black rappers N.W.A., but also that the victims of the spray included a photographer for the IDS as well as a wheelchair-bound student.

DMX is the one who should be held most accountable regardless. He broke a contract, and then offered to serve alcohol to the crowd. Whoever booked him should have known that his late arrival (due to his insistence that he arrive in a black SUV) was a disaster waiting to happen; their plan of action, however disliked it may have been, should have involved them canceling the show with the promise of reimbursing ticketholders and suing DMX for breach of contract.

I really hope Aaron McGruder is inspired to turn this entire debacle into an episode of The Boondocks. I would love to write it for him.

In other news, it is my honor to inform you that I'm going to be Prof. Hollinden's grading assistant this next school year:
Fall 2008
Z402 - The Music Of Frank Zappa (Oh, yes.)
Z403 - The Music Of Jimi Hendrix

Spring 2009
Z301 - Rock Music Of The 70's & 80's (I'll be taking it this upcoming fall.)
Z385 - The History Of The Blues
Z402 - The Music Of Frank Zappa

I will also be helping to proctor exams in Dr. Gass' Beatles course.

Today, some pro-life militants were standing at Kirkwood and Indiana, mutilated fetus poster and all. One approached me and asked if I'd like a pamphlet.

"About what," I gruffly asked.

"About the murder of unborn babies, sir."

"No thanks, I'm not interested."

Another asked me what I thought of the poster. Being the rotten bastard I am, I responded, "Makes me hungry." A couple steps later, for effect, I shouted "HAIL SATAN!"

I heard one of them say, "You have a hardened heart!"

Better to have a hardened heart than a closed mind.

Keep it legal.

Whether you think it's wrong or not.



sheldon said...

ha! rock on.

M@ said...

Are the abortion protesters often misguided and pushy? Yes. Do they sometimes need to be challenged? Yes. Is killing in the name of convenience appropriate? No.
I would encourage you (and others who are ignorant on the subject) to do some research into the real reasons why this barbaric practice is still allowed in what we call a civilized society. It's just as big-business backed as tobacco or oil. It is absolutely not the "women have rights" thing that it is made out to be.

Amazing, soldiers offering their lives in defense of our country is wrong but killing lives barely started is a "right".