Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hey, Mr. Reporter, How 'Bout Talkin' About Yourself...

Well, it's April 30th. I promised it would be up by month's end...

Here it is.

Don't worry, I'll still be on here to bitch about my personal life. The VIP club that is all two of you who read this blog will continue to exist.

That reminds me. A new poll is up on this site, requesting your input on the layout of this site's parallel blog.

Sometime today/tonight I'm going to write another review for the new site, then make it public on Facebook. That's better than just the one, don't you think?

Concerning this past weekend: Andy's show kicked ass. Seeing Eric and Sarah again made me all the more anticipatory of the beach trip this August. The next day Eric and Maddie came to visit, and we had a nice time. While sitting outside Starbucks, a man casually walked by in a leather jacket and a skirt. I have to say, I have not seen Eric laugh so hard since we saw Wedding Crashers, specifically Will Ferrel's "Ma, the meatloaf! FUCK!" Anyway, seeing them is always good.

I've got one final left, and it's for Cultures Of Modern Europe. Given that my Astronomy professor decided to drop our lowest test scores (including the final), I was shocked to see on the test yesterday that he was taking no prisoners...that was brutal. Still, I did the math, and even if I bombed the final, with the dropped test score I'll have earned a B+. If I did better than an 80%, I'll be in the A- range.

Yeah, it surprised me, too.

No word from Squalus Maximus recently...who cares? Anyone?

The Czech Literature final I over-studied for. But that's fine. If you ever need any information relating to Czech poetry or prose between 1890 and the 1970's, let me be your go-to guy.

Figuring out the readings for my independent study on The Kinks has been tough. One book heavily discusses the album Think Visual (1986), though at the same time features little to nothing on Sleepwalker (1977) and Misfits (1978), so cross-referencing my sources has been necessary. If it turns out all I had to do was state what books I would be reading, I might just have to slam my head onto my desk.

I'll be back sooner or later this week. Since I'm up, I might as well start packing for my epic move-out.


PS - The title of this entry comes from an unreleased Kinks song proving Dave Davies could do a better Dylan vocal than Dylan.

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