Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Alone Or In Pairs

Recording the Hobbyhorse album Alone Or In Pairs will resume Friday, 9/21. I'll be leaving Bloomington sometime Thursday night for Seymour, all my equipment in tow. I really don't know what time I'll be leaving or when I'll get in, but who cares?

What matters is that I'll be spending my time Friday while everyone is at school or work recording drum parts for the following tracks:

+ "Fuzzy Zoeller House Party '98"
+ "What's The Difference?"
+ "You Know Why"
+ "She's Not Sorry"
+ "It's Not Over"
+ "Nothing"

Once I'm done, whether it's 1 in the afternoon or 8 in the evening, it's back to Bloomington to enjoy the weekend.


PS - Kate and I are's hard to really explain, but there's just a lot of good chemistry going on between us.

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