Saturday, September 15, 2007

Adventures In Drumming, Part Two

Setting up was a lot easier that I'd thought. A LOT easier.

I got in yesterday at 3. In that time, I set up my equipment, ran an errand with Mom and Dad, played with Lily, visited with Nick and Maddie and once he finally got home Eric, calibrated the microphone, practiced a bit, then started recording at 7:15. At around 8:15 the first track was done. By 9 I had three songs done:

+ Top Of The Pops (3 takes)
+ Pinball Wizard (2 takes)
+ You Know The Drill (15 takes - I'll explain why next time. More bitchen news.)

Considering how quickly and smoothly recording went last night, I really don't foresee any problems tomorrow as I lay down some more tracks.

I think "Brown Shoes Don't Make It" is out. It's a great song, but there's about ninety seconds in the song where I literally do nothing. No worries, I'm sure Zappa has a few other complex pieces out there...

We'll see. But first, I need some coffee. Then a shower.


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