Monday, September 17, 2007

Adventures In Drumming, Part Three

So, why did it take me 15 takes in order to nail "You Know The Drill?"

Simple: it is going onto the Hobbyhorse album Alone Or In Pairs.

This is great news, that I can record drum tracks onto Eric's demos. Anyway, I'll probably take advantage of my schedule and leave for Seymour Thursday night, record ALL DAY LONG on Friday while everyone is at work or school, then go back to Bloomington that night, still having the rest of my weekend free.

Now, let me state for the record that I (at least used to) revile drum solos. I just think it's ostentatious to have everyone else in the band stop while you bang around and say, "LOOK AT MEEEEE!!!!!!!!"

Anyway, I was so insistent about recording the songs I played with note-for-note that I felt I needed to record just me playing.

When I listened to it, I was stunned. I forgot it was me playing. It was GOOD.

So, I'm finding myself now rethinking my opinion on the act of drum solos. There can be a place for them, just none of that 15 minute "Toad" shit like on Wheels Of Fire by The Cream.

Tomorrow is my first exam in the Frank Zappa class. Should be a-okay.

Oh, yeah - Kate and I are a couple. I'm generally not an emoticon kinda guy, especially on something like this, but...


It would probably mean more if I knew how to expand the font size.

Still, we're both pretty damn happy about it.


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M@ said...

Congrats on Kate.