Monday, October 5, 2009

Reunion? What?

Yeah...class of 2005 is already getting the five-year reunion off the ground.

I received the following message:
"Hi Alex,

I am needing some information from you in regards to our class reunion that will be coming up this summer. Can you believe it's already been five years?! If you have any suggestions feel free to send them my way.

Also, could you please give me your home address, email, and best number to reach you at? This will help me update contact information for everyone in our class. ******* **** and myself will be the only people with access to your information =)

Thanks for your help!
***** **************"
(Names omitted for obvious reasons)

Now, I couldn't help but remember how this person - and probably anyone else responsible for the planning of this soiree - never really talked to me in high school. Never mind my promise that if I'm in Seymour it had better be Christmas, a wedding, a funeral, or all of the above at the same time. So I had to ask myself, how to rub my situation in the face of my hometown?

With tact and grace, of course.

"Hi ***** -
I know for sure I won't be able to make it. I'm in graduate school in New York, and getting home is kind of a hassle...I do know I'll have classes this summer, Shelley and I are getting married (!!!!!!!!!!!), and we'll most likely be honeymooning in Europe. So........yeah.

Will you still need my contact info?

I wouldn't go if it was all expenses paid. Why waste my time? That said, I kind of realized how good I have it. I'm in graduate school in New York, engaged to a great woman, and we have plans for a European honeymoon.

"One sweet dream came true today."
- The Beatles, "You Never Give Me Your Money"


Anonymous said...

Gee. I wish mine would take a humorous turn? Who's your neurologist? Maybe he can get the same meds you're taking. Mine just seem to make my hypergraphia like any other compulsion: a pain in the ass.
WOW! I suppose next you'll start a new blog and name it Multiple Sclerosis.

Shelley said...


This post made me happy.