Monday, October 19, 2009

New name.

I had a comment from someone who really does suffer from hypergraphia. My own compulsions and introversion be damned, hypergraphia itself is not what I have.

To the guy (Harold Knight) and others who really do have this, connected with mania, epilepsy, and bipolar disorder, I'm really, really sorry.


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Anonymous said...

enough penance! The fact that you have responded with grace to a situation that was, if it was hurtful at all, inadvertently hurtful. You have done more to bring awareness than I (or any other TLE/hypergraphic) could have hoped. I appreciate your kindness and your response to my blog. I am the one who should apologize because I was not, in my original posting, very gracious. I intend to keep reading your blog, as I hope you will mine from time to time. Writing is---from whatever the source---the most civilizing influence in society. So please keep writing.
Harold Knight