Monday, September 15, 2008

Why I Hate Liberals (I Mean, "Progressives")

The summary of my second reason to leave the state: the demographic. It's still Indiana, a culturally ass-backwards state. The truly uneducated masses are of no specific economic or political background, whether it's a ninny who openly declares they won't vote (did I mention Graham has said he isn't going to vote, as this election "isn't important"?), an out-and-out racist who will gladly tell you that they will be voting against the colored man (yes, Indiana, the state that forgot it was north of the Mason-Dixon Line. How's THAT for a bumper sticker!), or the really, really cute hippie who would love to buy you some organic coffee and tell you about how bad sweatshops overseas are, and how I-69 is the work of the Devil himself. When in fact the whole deal about both organic food and sweatshops is that it boils down to pressing the average "progressive" white person's most sensitive buttons: being offended, and thinking they know what's best for poor people.

(So much for this being a summary.)

One thing the average person doesn't know is that Genetically Modified Food was grown with the express purpose of breeding higher-yield crops. The excess is shipped to places where it is needed. But then again, saying Genetically Modified Food is part of a government plot that uses the American people as guinea pigs sounds much better than the fact that what you're opposed to is actually saving lives. Moreover, it's also really easy to be opposed to anything on a full stomach.

(I'm not going to dignify the crackpot behind it, but if you're feeling like you haven't heard enough horseshit, watch this. None of it holds ANY scientific or factual basis.)

Sweatshops? We had them a century ago. The UK had them a century ago. Places that have sweatshops today are technologically behind us by many years. Also, what else are the children of said nations to do besides have sex with American tourists? It's not like the education system of Indonesia is widely praised for its low dropout rate...or the fact that it's even available to those other than the richest of the rich.

And I-69 is the smartest thing to happen to Indiana in decades. It will save man-hours. It will save money. It will result in an Interstate running through the poorest county in the state (Orange County, site of the French Lick and West Baden casino resorts), giving both jobs and revenue to an area that needs it. It will run through Bloomington, making the trip to Indianapolis roughly 20 minutes shorter. It just sounds scary because *gasp* BIG BUSINESS IS INVOLVED! Guess what? Big businesses, when run properly, do great things. In a word: Apple. (That's right, white folks, Apple is a big business. Just like Philip Morris, McDonald's, Disney, and...Microsoft!) Also, what's our other option? Having government contractors do it? Sounds great: COMING IN MAY 2035: INTERSTATE 69!

Oh, and bitching about the government moving people out of their homes might sound to you like something straight out of Orwell, but it's actually in the law of the land, the Constitution. It's called Eminent Domain, and it is part of the Bill of Rights, just as much of a part of the Bill of Rights as owning a gun, as publishing outright lies about some Illuminati/New World Order plot relating to GMO's and the Codex Alimentarius, and of course as never shutting the FUCK up about how you know what is best for everyone else.


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