Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Squalus - I'm Calling You Out.

Squalus Maximus -
It's time for you to either come clean or piss off. It's obvious by this point you aren't someone I hold in high regard - your advice sucks, my first encounter with you was a comment revealing that I was dating Shelley, and yet you're able to know both my family members by name and Shelley's parents?

Who are you? And no more of this "embedded benefactor" horseshit - whatever the Hell that even means. You are either someone I know from IU or from Seymour. Unfortunately, that's a fairly long list. I don't give a damn what your intentions were/are in leaving anonymous comments on my blog - whether it was to offer "advice" or to mess with my head - you are succeeding at the latter. The list of people I feel I can trust has dramatically shortened to the few who I know you are not.

I know you aren't someone I consider a close friend, though your stalker-esque qualities in knowing who's who in Shelley's family is suggestive of otherwise.

And as for your last piece of advice? THANK YOU, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! You must not really know me all that well, as it's been fairly well-established that Shelley dealing with her parents will wait until a point in time we have both determined.

Moreover, how dare you even pretend to know my family dynamic in telling me I "got lucky" with telling my parents? What I failed to mention online, but is a largely agreed-upon fact in the real world is that my parents are two open-minded individuals. Do you really think my Mom's initial reaction to the news that I was dating Shelley would be an effective gauge of how she would feel about it for the rest of her life?

If you'd like to disclose yourself to me privately - and if you insist I can stay mum as to who you are - you can reach me over Facebook and/or at my IU email address:


No more of this demand that you remain a figure in the shadowy periphery of my life. Nor more refusing to drop even a hint. I insist that you come out and tell me who you are.

I have access to I/P tracking software. It would be in your best interests to tell me rather than have me find out on my own. You have been warned.


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