Saturday, February 2, 2008

Revolution In Chad

Read all about it, because CNN is covering only one element of this: that the American and French embassies are being evacuated. That was it - a brief mention, which made it seem like rampant chaotic violence threating fellow white folk overseas. No mention was made regarding what the revolutionaries are fighting for. None.

What they AREN'T telling you is that President Idriss D├ęby is responsible for Chad having the most corrupt government in the world. Just what has he done to make him seem such a bastard? How about the World Bank giving him $30 million in aid to feed his nation's poor, which he instead spent on arms to keep his regime in power.

These revolutionaries are standing up to a corrupt leader and voicing their support in democracy. And please, call them for what they are: they are REVOLUTIONARIES, and NOT rebels! This is a situation where I AM condoning violence, as it truly is their only hope against such a crooked government.

Fight the power!


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m@ said...

I am moved by the actions taken by courageous people in Africa. I think that because so much happened right after I left, my heart is just taken by the causes on that continent.
I appreciate you keeping others aware of what is happening all over Africa since our foolish "news" organizations only publish what will garner ratings.
Keep researching and reminding. It's not that people don't care. They just don't know.