Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hot Damn! Two Posts In One Day!

Senate Bill 3 is going before the Indiana House of Representatives today. It would allow pharmacists to refuse the dispensing of birth control and emergency contraception.

Being a citizen fully supportive of women's rights, I emailed my Representative, Democrat Terry Goodin:

"Representative Goodin -
As your constituent (raised in Seymour), I urge you to consider women's reproductive rights as Senate Bill 3 is called for another vote.

Indiana law already protects all citizens, including pharmacists, from participating in an abortion against their will. SB 3 seeks to go further. As written, it's an attempt to redefine birth control and abortion, and force one morality on all Hoosier women. This is not right, as giving pharmacists the option to dispense birth control constitutes legislation of morality.

We cannot allow a law to stop a woman from filling her valid prescription or buying emergency contraception. Birth control is basic health care. I know you may very well be opposed to abortion and emergency contraception, but surely you can respect the need for it to remain legal.

Remember, if the abortion pill's availability is limited, the process of terminating a pregnancy will still exist, albeit illegal and unregulated. Can we really afford to put the health and safety of women at risk because of moralistic sexual politics? Does the idea of women considering a coat hanger a legitimate medical tool as opposed to an actual doctor strike you as an ethical alternative?

I urge you to consider all of these factors as the bill goes up for debate.

Alex DiBlasi"

I'll be sure to post a response if there is one.


shelley said...

The coat hanger is a going a bit too far, but it is you talking.

I cannot believe this Bill is even being considered.

If this gets passed, imagine how many babies there will be in this state. I mean there are already too many unfit parents raising kids here, do we really need more?


M@ said...

Yes, and encouraging infanticide is definitely the answer to too many kids in Indiana. Good idea.

Alex said...

Was that sarcasm, m@?

m@ said...

Awww dang it, you caught me.

Declining morality brings out the worst in me.

Anonymous said...

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