Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Daily Update #5: "Everybody needs an education"

Well it's come to this: my ethnomusicology paper on The Plastic People Of The Universe. I about danced in the street when I checked the syllabus and saw the page requirement was 9 to 11 pages, not the 20 I had originally thought. This takes some of the pressure off.

Speaking of pressure...

Boy howdy, I've got it. I'm not one to ever complain about any sort of ailment, but all this work has given me headaches and heartburn. I'm counteracting it with Maalox (which tastes like pool water) and Excedrin, which contains caffeine.

Oh, and coffee. Lots of coffee.

"Thanks to all the mathematicians
And the inventors with their high IQ's
And the professors in their colleges
Tryin' to feed me knowledge that I know I'll never use!"

A pretty almighty fuck-you to the educational system, no?

I can't even pretend to be all that defiant. I love school and I love learning. However, I also think this paper topic would be better as a dissertation.



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