Monday, March 22, 2010

Why The Delay?

Sorry, kids, I'm wrapped up this week with homework, an exam, and prepping a conference presentation for next week.

Also, and once I eventually get to it I'll expand upon this more, I'm not really looking forward to this second installment of my religious story. Like many trilogies - Back To The Future, Star Wars, Look Who's Talking - this second part will end on a bad, uncertain note. A lot of it are memories I don't particularly enjoy revisiting.

Once I have some downtime, though, I'll do it. I promise. It will be good for me, and good for you as far as learning why I walked away from Christianity.

Until then, consider me on sabbatical.

As much as I wish I could just sit around reading and writing all day on subjects I gave two shits about (as opposed to, say, this 400-word biography of Haydn I have to write), I'm pleased to say that the conference presentation I'm working on is Zappa-related, dealing with his 1984 album Thing-Fish. That I am looking forward to.

Until then, peace.

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ar said...

Doing bios of Arcadelt and Byrd last night was pure torture, since my conscience refused to let me write out long rambly sentences that wasted most of the wordcount on "quite"s and "indeed"s. I don't envy you Haydn one bit.

In any case, looking forward to the next bit of your religious experiences; I was forgetful and didn't comment on the previous one, but it was a very good read, if difficult. Sounds like a really scary vision of Christianity to grow up with, and I admire your willingness to talk about it (not to mention the skill with which you do).