Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Stupidest Quote I Will Probably See All Year

"Rosa sat so Martin could walk. Martin walked so Obama could run. Obama ran so our generation could fly."
Um, what?

Don't get me wrong - I'm so proud of my generation for getting up off its collective ass and giving this nation its highest voter turnout ever (and you know what? I truly don't care who you voted for; what matters to me is that we as a generation participated in the maintenance of our nation) - but I'd just like to remind everyone of these cold, hard facts:

+ Barack Obama is not Jesus. Nor does he purport to be. That's all your doing.

+ Things are not going to turn around for America twenty minutes after Obama takes office. He will be held up to the same checks and balances that George W. Bush was supposed to be held up to as well.

+ Ending the war will not involve our troops throwing down their guns and our opposition doing the same.

+ We probably won't go to war with Iran. But we might need to go to war with Pakistan.

+ Fox News is not going to go away. In fact, since their point of view will be considered the minority, they're going to play the underdog for at least four years.

+ Our new President, believe it or not, will have to worry more about his own party than the Republicans. Political scandals (Edwards, Blagojevich), petty squabbling (HARRY FUCKING REID!), and the looming thought that if Obama is unable to turn water into wine or feed the masses with two fish and five loaves of bread we will see dear old Hillary make one last stab in 2012 are all on the horizon.

That said, I have faith that Obama will do great things. However, given his predecessors (note the plural) if he spent four years undoing one of their fuck-ups (I'm looking at you, NAFTA!) he would qualify as one of the best all-around Presidents ever alongside Lincoln, both Roosevelts, and Lyndon Johnson. (Note the absences of JFK and Reagan. We have one to thank for Vietnam and one to thank for the war on terror.)

In all fairness, I did just stumble across this little piece, which could end up qualifying as the greatest news story of 2009. Certainly the most surprising, as this is easily the smartest thing George W. Bush has ever done.

Yes - Bush did something smart. Congratulations universe, you win.

In other news, Shelley is back. School starts Monday. And my applications for Case Western Reserve and The College of William & Mary are one mailing away from being done. SUNY Stony Brook got scratched off the list once their grad secretary told me yes, they do require classical training for entry into their program.

I'm still very paranoid and nervous I won't get in anywhere. All I keep thinking of as I work on my applications are Shelley, Seymour, and any number of my friends who have earned Bachelor's degrees and gone on to shitty jobs completely unrelated to their major. Another visit to Bowling Green State might be in the works, I'll need to touch base with both some professors and Rick to make sure everything can work out. We'll see.

Nick has been added as a fourth groomsman, Maddie being the fourth bridesmaid (obviously she'll be walking down the aisle with Eric).

Also - Happy 2009. My New Year's was great. As it would turn out, Richmond Indiana is a neat little town.


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Shelley said...

I totally and wholeheartedly believe everything you wrote about Obama. I am so nervous to hear from those who didn't vote for Obama to say: "HA! I told you Obama wouldn't fix the economy, end war, etc" There are certain things that he won't be able to make a quick fix, things that McCain would not have been able to quickly fix either. Take the economy for instance, any president is in a catch 22: #1 the president/gov't could intervene and increase the debt
#2 The president/gov't could just sit back and not intervene and watch our economy just collapse (and how could any gov't just not try and do something?)
The answer is there, but no party knows just yet what to do.