Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election 2008

Fellow Americans -
CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, the BBC, Wikipedia's main page, even Fox News have all announced Barack Obama as the projected winner of the 2008 Presidential election.

So, with that, let me just go ahead and get that little bit of pride out of my system:

BARACK OBAMA, MOTHERFUCKER! Hey McCain, how do you like

THESE nuts?

Palin - see you in the funny papers!

Bush - your days are numbered, bitch!
Cheney - "Your pacemaker's a fake 'cause you haven't got a heart" - Eric Idle / Hey Dick, why don't you come over? I'll cook you a microwave dinner.
Ted Stevens - see you in jail, gramps!
Romney - see your slimy ass in 2012...

Bill Clinton - don't even pretend for a minute you helped this man get elected. This primary season you reduced yourself to a joke and a half.

Hillary Clinton - you all but called for someone to pop him once Geraldine Ferraro had her little racist gaffe in March, which you quickly buried by unleashing Jeremiah Wright on the United States public. Go back to the Senate where you will languish for another eight years, at which point you will be too old to pursue the highest office in the land. You LOSE! Good DAY, Madam Senator!

I haven't said this...I don't think ever...but God Bless America.

And God Bless us, Everyone!

Thank you, Tiny Tim!


m@ said...

I'll pray for this president just as I have prayed for all the others.
I think Forrest said it well (and excuse my paraphrase) that we still live in the greatest nation on the earth. And we need to support it.

Forrest said...

Here's to a (two) good term(s) in office!